Before a building or home is used, occupied, transferred or sold the Township must perform an inspection and issue a Use & Occupancy Certificate. Among other things required in the International Property Maintenance Code, the Township Code Inspector will check for smoke detectors, sidewalks, curbing and other safety-related items.

A checklist that will be utilized by the codes inspector is listed on the back of the Use & Occupancy Certificate application linked below. Please note that either the buyer or the seller may apply for a Use & Occupancy Approval but they must be obtained prior to settlement.

If your property is connected to the public sewerage system, you will be required to obtain an approved infiltration permit inspection prior to settlement of your property. This inspection will contribute towards the protection and preservation of the public sewerage treatment plant which is critical to the health safety and welfare of the township residents.

Payment for these inspections must be submitted in advance of the scheduled inspection date. Please make sure your realtor or title settlement agent is aware of this requirement in advance of your scheduled settlement date.

It is important to note that the inspections performed by the Township should not be considered a substitute for what is commonly referred to as a “home inspection”. The inspections do not represent any warranty on behalf of the Township and buyers are advised to arrange for an independent home inspection if they so desire.

>> Property Settlement Transfer Ordinance

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