Beginning in April of 2019, all residential properties with four units or fewer will be required to participate in the Township’s curbside recycling program.

This new curbside recycling collection service will be performed by Eagle Disposal of PA, Inc. under contract with Lower Alsace Township.  The program will provide collection of your recyclables every other week  beginning April 1, 2019.


Each residential unit included in the curbside recycling program will be receiving a 65 gallon recycling toter to use for this curbside recycling program. You may continue to use your current trash hauler for all your non-recyclable waste, but every residential property is required to arrange, maintain and pay for their own curbside trash collection service. If you are a Landlord, please provide this information to your tenant(s).

Property owners of single family dwellings or rentals  with four or fewer residential units will be included in the Township’s curbside recycling program and  will see a Recycling Fee of $43.00 per residential unit on their  2019 Spring Real Estate Tax.

As of March 31, 2019, the Township’s drop off recycling facility located at 1200 Carsonia Avenue will be permanently closed. Please do not leave any materials at this site after that date or when Cougle’s recycling dumpsters are removed.

All non-residential properties, commercial and institutional properties, apartment buildings containing five or more residential units and community event organizers will be required to contract with a private waste contractor to provide weekly trash collection services and a recycling contractor who shall be required to collect the following and provide recycling reports to the township on an annual basis.

Paper Recyclables: Corrugated Boxes, Newspaper, Office Paper, Cereal Boxes, Magazines
Commingled Recyclables: Full Blown Plastic Bottles, Aluminum Cans, Glass Bottles, Tin Cans

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation in this new program for our community.


When you recycle with Eagle Disposal, you put all of your recyclables into a specially designed container

> Download the recycling guidelines, including a list of recommended recyclables.

             >How to Prepare Your Recycling Bin – DEP Fact Sheet


The Covered Devices Recycling Act prohibits residents and businesses from placing electronic waste at the curb or in their trash.

By law, as of January 24, 2013, Eagle Disposal is no longer allowed to collect electronic waste. Covered devices include: desktop computers, laptops, monitors, computer peripherals (keyboard, mouse, printer, and speakers), televisions, or e-readers that browse the internet. Because electronic waste can contain hazardous materials that are harmful to human health and the environment, it is very important that these devices are disposed of properly.

Resources for safe disposal of electronics:

  • Berks County Solid Waste Authority: 610-478-6362 –
  • Best Buy: Best Buy stores nationwide accept most electronics and large appliances, with a few exceptions, at no charge. You can drop off your electronic waste at your nearest Best Buy location – visit, click on the “Services” tab and then click on “Recycle Your Old Products” for additional information.
  • Visit for additional electronics recycling resources.

>> Download a copy of the complete 2019 Recycling brochure.