Please help our Road Crew locate and repair any potholes that you discover as soon as possible. For any potholes on Carsonia Avenue, Friedensburg or Antietam Roads please call Penndot at 1-800-fix–ROAD. For all other roads in Lower Alsace Township, please call the township office at (610) 779-6400. Thank you for your assistance.

The Township has a street crew that keeps the streets in good repair, collects leaves, maintains the storm drains, salts the roadways, plows snow, cuts grass along the roadways, updates street signs and other highway work. The Township has four trucks to maintain 24 miles of roads. There are also five miles of state highway for a total of 29 miles of roadway in the Township.

Permits are required for access to and upon a township road.

  • Highway occupancy permit (i.e. utility construction)
  • Highway access application form (driveway permit)

Residents are responsible for maintaining their trees. Lower Alsace Township Ordinance No 37 requires that “trees shall not be permitted to grow on any property with limbs extending over the sidewalks of the Township at a height of less than 8 feet from the surface of the said sidewalk or over the Township streets, roads or alleys at a height of less than 12 feet from the surface of such streets, roads or alleys.”  The township will provide leaf and brush pick up for a limited period of time. Please check the web site for the specific weeks, locations and instructions this program that begins in the fall.

In addition to maintaining the trees, residents are also responsible for maintenance (including snow removal) and repairs to the sidewalks and curbing in front of your property.  Permits for the repair and or replacement of sidewalks and curbing as well as highway occupancy permits may be obtained at the township office.

Chemicals used to grow and maintain beautiful lawns and gardens, if not used properly, can run off into the storm drains when it rains or when watering lawns. Pet waste on the ground gets carried away by storm water, contributing harmful bacteria, parasites and viruses to others. Vehicle drip fluids (Oil, grease, gasoline, antifreeze, brake fluids, etc.) onto paved areas where storm water runoff carries them through our storm drains.Unlike the water that goes down your drain to the sewer, water that flows into storm drains is not treated and filtered for pollutants. This contaminated water flows into canals, into streams and lakes, then ends up in the ocean.

Everything other than pure rain water is a potential contaminant that degrades water quality. It’s very important that you help prevent contaminants from flowing into storm drains and never pour anything into them. Intentionally pouring water and pollutants into street gutters and storm drains is dangerous to the environment and is also illegal.


  • Snow should be plowed or shoveled to the side of the driveway away from the flow of traffic.
  • Clearing snow for a distance before the driveway will allow the plow to unload before reaching the driveway entrance.
  • Eliminate snow piles at driveway entrances. They may obstruct a motorist’s vision on the main road as well as those exiting the driveway.
  • Please assist the fire and highway departments by clearing snow away from fire hydrants and opening up storm inlets to allow the melting snow a place to go and avoid possible flooding of the roadway.
  • Do not throw snow on to roads after they have been plowed. This creates hazardous driving conditions, and is against the law.

Snow Emergency information will be posted as an announcement on the home page of this web site, and also on WEEU (830 am), WRFY (102.5 fm), and TV 69 News.

If you are on an emergency route, your vehicle must be removed from the street.

The following roads are designated Township Snow Emergency Routes:

  • Harvey Avenue – from Carsonia Avenue to Exeter Township line.
  • Columbia Avenue – from Carsonia Avenue to Roosevelt Avenue
  • Marshall Avenue (Stony Creek) – from Antietam Road to Logan Street
  • Prospect Street – from Carsonia Avenue to its intersection with North 26th Street
  • Cherrydale Avenue – from Friedensburg Road to its intersection with Carsonia Avenue
  • North 25th Street – from Harvey Avenue to Park Street (west side)Please help our emergency workers by making sure that the snow is cleared from the fire hydrant in front of your property.Street sweeping is done after the winter months and any time there is storm damage requiring cleanup. Residents are advised to move their cars when signs are posted for this purpose.