The Board of Supervisors of Lower Alsace Township has amended the existing Rental Ordinances for the purpose of updating the Rental Licensing Program. Registration is required annually, and inspections are required every two years.

Lower Alsace Township has partnered with PROCHAMPS to administer its Rental Registration & Licensing Program.  In order to comply with the rental registration and licensing ordinances, all owners of rental units must register/license all unit(s) online via PROCHAMPS and pay a registration and inspection fee per unit.

The Township will reach out to you to schedule your inspection after your registration and inspection fees are paid.  If there is a lease, owners must also submit a completed Crime Free Addendum, which must be signed by both the owner and the tenant.  A blank Crime Free Addendum can be downloaded and submitted when you register your unit(s).  If occupants change, it is the duty of the owner to update the occupant information contained in the registration and submit a new Crime Free Addendum with their registration.

As with the township’s prior rental program, whether there is or is not a lease and even if no rent or other consideration is paid, a property occupied by anyone other than the owner is considered to be a rental unit. Also, if you own a property that contains multiple rental units, if a unit within the rental property is temporarily vacant, all units within the building must still be registered.  Temporary vacancy does not exclude a unit from being registered or licensed as a rental.

We thank all of our landlords in advance for your prompt compliance and assisting the Township of Lower Alsace in providing a safe and healthy environment for all our residents.

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