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Please note that the December 20, 2018 Lower Alsace Township Supervisor’s meeting will be held at the Antietam High School located at 100 Antietam Road, Reading Pa 19606 at 6:30 PM.

All township residents are welcome to attend for the entire meeting but we do understand that many wish to attend to learn more regarding the municipal waste and recycling bids. The following information is a summary of what the board will be deciding regarding that topic.

The Lower Alsace Township Board of Supervisors has received annual bid price of $227.00 per residential unit for weekly removal of up to six 35-gallon containers of trash, every other week removal of recycling, and monthly removal of bulk items.  This service will only be available to residential properties with four or fewer units under a municipal hauling service.  Properties with five or more residential units and all commercial properties will still be required to hire their own hauler but they must also recycle.

Beginning municipal, contracted hauling in Lower Alsace Township will also allow the township to be eligible for several new grant programs, including a recycling grant of over a quarter of a million dollars.  This grant, if received, will allow the township to purchase additional equipment and enhance brush and leaf collection services for residents.  With this program the township also expects to see a reduction of the number of large trucks causing added wear and tear on  the neighborhood streets, noise and air pollution.

Another advantage to municipal contracting is that the successful bidder will be required to follow the rules of the community that are established in the bid contract including restrictions of hauling on holidays, no collection on Sundays and all collections shall be made between the hours of 6:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.

The price received from the public bid is a substantial reduction in costs for the great majority of the residents of the township. For that reason, along with the added benefit of recycling and bulk items removal, which is not offered by all of the private haulers currently operating in the township, we believe it is in the interests of the residents of Lower Alsace Township for us to take the necessary steps to consider this price reduction and begin municipal hauling in April of 2019.